AV-ATLAS analyzes for you:

Mails in the last week


Mails with links last week


Indexed URLs


Last detection


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The current threat situation at a glance:

New blackmail mails

AV-TEST has recently found {{number}} blackmail emails with the subject {{name}}!
Do not open links or attachments to such emails and never fulfill payment requests of such emails!

Increased mail volume

AV-TEST has not detected any anomalies in the mail volume at the moment. Be on your guard anyway, we will keep you informed about anomalies in real time.

Dangerous Trend

Do not search for {{name}}!
AV-TEST recently found {{number}} dangerous search results for this term!

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Origin of Spam Mails
Origin of Spam Mails
This chart shows the origin of spam mails and the sum of the respective mails that were analyzed. By clicking on the button only malicious mails are displayed.
Indexed, analyzed and suspicious URLs
Indexed, analyzed and suspicious URLs
The test results are divided into:
  • Indexed URLs (detected by using search engines),
  • URLs downloaded and analyzed by our analysis system,
  • Classified as potentially malicious URLs.
The results of the last 48 hours are displayed in logarithm.
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