User names of attacks


Commands executed by attackers


Country of origin of most attacks


About ATLAS IoT The AV-TEST Institute uses various analysis systems to detect attacks on IoT devices. The detection and evaluation of attacks are based on data from currently four different Honeypot systems. This overview shows the recorded values of all Honeypots. In the statistics area you can choose between the recorded values of individual Honeypot systems.
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User names for logins
iot.TPot dionaea username tagcloud,User for logins.description
World map of attacks
iot.Coordinates of request source,TPot dionaea attack map,TPot adbhoney attack map,TPot mailoney attack map.description

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History of attacks
iot.Timeseries of attacks,TPot dionaea attacks histogram,TPot mailoney attacks histogram,TPot adbhoney attacks histogram.description
Passwords used for attacks
iot.TPot dionaea password tagcloud,Password for logins.description