AV-ATLAS Threat Intelligence Feeds

Detection groups
This chart shows how many suspicious URLs were grouped into one of the three detection groups
  • Malware
  • PUA
per day.

Do you want an overview of the current threat situation on the Internet?

With Blackhat URLs you get the right solution. “Blackhat URL” analyses more than 300,000 URLs daily for threats. Thanks to the latest results, divided into indexed and potentially malicious URLs, you can further improve your company's security services.

Origin of Spam Mails
This chart shows the origin of spam mails and the sum of the respective mails that were analyzed. By clicking on the button only malicious mails are displayed.

You want to protect your e-mail traffic efficiently?

Spam, phishing, e-mails with virus-infected attachments cost you a lot of time and money? Your mail security needs to be strengthened. With more than 5,000 scanned mails per day, analyzed and classified between indexed and potentially malicious, our spam product provides valuable support in the fight against mail fraud.

Processed files per day
The chart shows the number of processed and newly collected files in the last two weeks.

You want more security when using software?

Whether users in companies or providers of security solutions. Safe software is essential. Because almost always applies: threats in downloaded software can mean massive economic damage. With Flare Whitelist files and software in your company are assigned to each other, so their origin and content are visible. The delivered flare data makes it possible to differentiate between undesirable files that are desired in the company environment and supports the whitelist that builds on them. Thanks to Flare Whitelist, secure software is guaranteed in your company.

Blackhat URLs
Daily updated URLs with potentially malicious content
Available in JSON and CSV
All URLs classified as malicious including metadata
14-day free trial period
Daily updated mails with potentially malicious content
Available in JSON and CSV
All spam mails including the complete metadata
14-day free trial period
Flare Whitelist
Daily updated applications
Available in JSON and CSV
Creates context between software and files on the corporate network
14-day free trial period