AV-ATLAS analyzes for you:

Mails in the last week


New malware in the last 14 days


Indexed URLs


Last detection


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The current threat situation at a glance:

No increased incidence of malware

AV-TEST does not currently detecting an increase in the incidence of Malware under {{platform}}. Be careful with mail attachments and downloaded files!

Suspicious links in e-mails

Do not click on links in mails with subject {{name}}!
AV-TEST recently found {{number}} mails with subject suspicious links!

New scam mails

AV-TEST has recently found {{number}} fraudulent e-mails with the subject {{name}}!
Do not open links or attachments to such e-mails and never fulfill payment requests of such e-mails!

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Origin of Spam Mails
New malware and PUA per second
Total amount of malware and PUA under Windows
User names for logins
Indexed, analyzed and suspicious URLs
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