Security-Services by AV-ATLAS

AV-ATLAS offers various services for manufacturers of IT security products, manufacturers of IoT devices and companies which want to increase their IT-Security level.

Services for e-mail-security in companies

E-Mail Security Test

Your company's e-mail security is checked against controlled malware mail campaigns with daily updated e-mails for your protection against current threats. The test service in the subscription model offers a comprehensive reporting for strength and weakness analysis to further optimize the mail security.
Further information:
  • Check your e-mail security by AV-TEST
  • Continuous endurance test over the entire subscription period
  • 7-day free trial period
  • Ideal for organizations that want to review and improve their e-mail security
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Services for vendors of IT security products


AV-TEST stands for the testing of protection products for Windows, Android and MacOS with a recognisable and industry accepted quality seal. The protective effect against current malware (real-world test) is tested monthly. Products successful in the test are awarded with the certificate „AV-TEST Certified“ (for private users) or „AV-TEST Approved“(for companies). AV-TEST offers further test procedures. Contact us for Linux, Gateway, Red Team and other tests.

Services for vendors of IoT products

IoT Tests

In our IoT laboratory, each tested product passes through different test modules depending on the product category. The security test focuses on device security, data communication security, app and application security and data protection. Products successful in the test are awarded with the certificate for tested IoT security.

Services for IT security product development and software developers

Flare Softwarescan – Check for false alarms

Flare Softwarescan supports software developers and manufacturers of anti-virus software in the development, verification and usage of software in order to minimize or even exclude false positive alarms caused by anti-virus software. This prevents irritation for the end user and saves valuable support time. AV-TEST monitors its software on a daily basis with numerous anti-virus engines to detect false alarms and to inform software vendors and AV manufacturers immediately.

  • Continuous endurance test over the entire subscription period
  • Your software is reliably checked daily
  • Security through immediate checks with every software update and every update of the AV engines
  • Immediate reporting to AV manufacturers and software developers as soon as false alarms are detected
  • Ideal to avoid additional costs due to false alarms and to guarantee a safe use of the software

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